Code of Conduct

Our business ethics and integrity are fundamental to our reputation and to running a successful business. 

Our reputation is an integral part of our licence to operate and our competitive advantage. A strong reputation gives confidence to our customers, partners, suppliers, employees, sub-contractors and the communities within which we operate. 

Reputations are hard won yet easily lost and, therefore, we rely on our ethics and integrity as a roup being fundamental to everything we do. 

Our Code of Conduct provides the principles and guidance needed to steer decisions and we are all responsible for maintaining the highest possible standards. Rules only take us so far, so you are required to think and to follow the spirit of our Code and not just follow it to the letter. When in doubt, ask for advice. 

Doing the right thing also involves reporting if you feel something we are doing is wrong. You are encouraged to challenge any unethical, dishonest or generally unacceptable behaviour that you encounter in the workplace. All reports will be taken seriously and all those that are raised in good faith will be investigated without bias and with the utmost discretion. 

Please speak up if you come across anything that you feel does not live up to our high standards and our Code of Conduct – it is integral to the groups ongoing success.